Jody C. Hutchinson, CMT, BCTMB, Orthopedic and Sports Massage Therapist

Integrative clinical maSSAGE


I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Anatomy and Physiology teacher. This was my first class on these subjects and you made the learning so much fun!  You were well prepared for every class, managed to make the material interesting, found creative ways to meet the needs of several different levels of knowledge, actively engaged all students in discussions and sharing and definitely had the  patience of a saint.  Your professionalism was above reproach at all times.  Your class affirmed to me how beautifully and wonderfully we are made. There were so many things you discussed that made me appreciate the intricacies of both science and nature.  Every day I was more amazed at how much I did not know and and easily had me thirsting for as much as I could learn.  Thank you so much for willingly imparting your knowledge and experience.  You  have had a profound influence within me in a myriad of ways.  I feel especially blessed to have had you as an instructor.

-J.D., student at the Monterey Institute of Touch.

While I was training for a swim across the English Channel, I worked with Jody on a regular basis.  As I increased my long swims in cold water, my shoulders ached constantly.  My Sports Massage sessions were helpful in reducing my pain levels so that I could continue to train.  I completed my swim and felt so good that I was able to anchor a relay swim a few days later that set a record for the English Channel crossing.  Thank you Jody.

~ D.B., Santa Rosa, CA.
I first saw Jody after some tendinitis in my wrist limited my golf game.  I has tried chiropractic, cortisone shots, and other massage therapists who were ineffective and bruised me.  Jody was the most knowledgeable, effective, and professional of all the therapists I have seen.  He expertly assessed and treated my injury and I was pain-free very quickly.  I was able to resume my tournament and practice schedule and stay at the top of my game. I found sports massage very helpful to recover quickly from hard training in my preparation for my first season as an LPGA professional.  Finding a highly qualified therapist is important and Jody fits the bill.

~M.H., Monterey, CA.

I just received one of the best massages of my life.  Jody is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and was very sensitive to my needs. As a concert violinist with a demanding schedule, it's important that I take good care of my body.  I felt amazing after the massages.  My performances at the Bach Festival were greatly enhanced by the newfound freedom that I had.  Jody has inspired me to take better care of my body. I highly recommend him.

C.R., New York, NY.

I want everyone to know what a wonderful  asset Jody can be to their lives. The years have climbed to 19, since a visiting friend from Chicago told me that his therapist there had given him your name and that his technique was outstanding!  Since his fame has stretched all the way to Chicago, I was delighted to call.  Now at the age of 94, I can say that these old bones have survived miraculously, all because of Jody's special touch, week in and week out.  Thank you.

~B..M., Carmel, CA.

Jody brings intuitive and highly trained hands to his work.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the body, sharing new writings and information weekly.   His touch is simply magic.  Although I have experienced the benefits of almost every kind of massage all over the world, I have found that only Jody knows where my body hurts and what to do about it.  He is careful to include the client in the process so that his touch is just right.  He works hand in hand with my physical therapist and the teamwork is outstanding. I have never felt so well and considered massage a necessity, not a luxury.  Jody leaves no muscle untouched.  His massage feels wonderful, invigorating, and fine tunes the body in a positive way. It is a pleasure to work with Jody.

~A.B., Pebble Beach, CA.

I had neck surgery after an accident and developed a chronic pain syndrome that was debilitating.  I needed massage therapy to keep my pain in check and reduce the need for medication.. I also needed someone who understood pain management and could work with my various providers.  I found Jody through my physical therapist.  Jody's skills and knowledge are superior to many massage and physical therapists who have treated me around the world.  He is very well informed as to massage applications for chronic pain, his knowledge of soft tissue work is comprehensive, he is able to adapt to changes in my treatment protocols, and his commitment to his clients is second to none. His dedication and ethics are clearly superior. 

Anonymous, Carmel, CA.

I injured my leg behind my knee and was unable to run for more than 15 minutes without intense pain.  My orthopedic surgeon recommended massage instead of physical therapy. Jody was able to expertly work with my injury and I was able to return to running in a month.  I have been able to resume triathlon racing and training thanks to Jody's highly skilled work.

K.A., Monterey, CA.