Jody C. Hutchinson, CMT, BCTMB, Orthopedic and Sports Massage Therapist

Integrative clinical maSSAGE

                                            Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Massage is an umbrella term for using assessment, clinical reasoning, and choosing the proper technique for the tissue involved. It is not a technique as much as a method of treating tissue dysfunction.

Deep Tissue

I provide evidence-informed massage.  This term has several approaches and definitions.  I am interested in the each client's goals and history.  I am constantly updating my education and knowledge base.  I will bring together research, strategy, technique and suggestions to help you reach your goals.

You are in good hands. I have been studying massage since 1977 and have been in practice since 1987.  I have given over 18,000 massages.  I am an instructor at the Monterey Institute of Touch, where I teach Anatomy & Physiology, Chair Massage and Communications. 

My style in integrative, relaxing and pressure is tailored to your individual needs. My training includes variety of techniques and education that informs the underlying basis of my practice.  I provide services to those who seek an unique and balancing massage and bodywork experience that is based on the premise that manual therapy works to support your nervous system and not to manipulate soft tissues.


If you have had orthopedic surgery, joint replacement, are in physical therapy or pain management- I can help you.


This is a very gentle method of stretching the skin over nerve tunnels and trunks. It was developed by Canadian Physical Therapist Diane Jacobs. I have been studying this method since 2016 and find it quite effective.

  I have always been interested in the human movement system. I played football, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, motocross racing, and running in high school. In college I played water polo, swimming, lifeguard, ultimate frisbee, floor hockey, weight training, and running.  After college I competed in triathlons, biathlons, and running races. I finished in the top 10 in several races. Next was bicycling, mountain bike racing, cyclocross and road riding. I retired from cycling in 2004. Since then I have tried yoga, meditation, and weight training.  I am passionate about learning and am fascinated by the human body.

Clinical Massage

Experience a deeper, specific massage that will reach the deepest layers of tension. This term often misunderstood.  I am not from the school of thought that "massage must be painful to work."  Introducing pain will threaten the nervous system and work against therapeutic goals.