What you need beside massage:

Adequate rest/sleep.

Good nutrition.

Movement/ exercise.

Time alone/ in nature.

Deep breathing.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release refers to muscle and fascia as the elastic web of connective tissue that spreads throughout the body.  MFR is a highly interactive bodywork technique that allows stretching and relaxation of tight tissues.  It recognizes that muscle cannot be isolated from other structures in the body.  All organs of the body are covered by fascia down to the individual myofibrils.  Lengthening fascia relieves tension and pain, allowing muscles to return to their correct length and tension.

Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Massage (OM) uses a broad spectrum of techniques.  What sets OM apart from the vast majority of massage approaches is the fact that it does not promote any specific technique.  OM deals with problems of the locomotor system.  As a comprehensive system, OM is capable of integrating a wide variety of massage's most effective techniques in the treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction, pain, and injuries.  The unique nature of each condition requires specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of the practitioner to determine the most effective treatment.  OM integrates knowledge of pain and injury conditions with an understanding of various massage techniques commonly used in the field.  It is the comprehensive approach that sets OM apart from other types of massage.

Clinical Massage Therapy

This term encompasses many techniques that are combined to give a thorough, effective and focused session.  It is an excellent adjunctive modality that integrates well with traditional medicine and therapy.  Clinical massage may use trigger point techniques, deep friction massage, myofascial approaches, deep tissue massage, and stretching.

Jody C. Hutchinson, CMT, BCTMB



Massage Therapy Services


Consultation- $80.00

30 Min.-$85.00

60 Min:$120.00

75 Min:$145.00

90 Min:$175.00

120 Min: $220.00

24 Hour rescheduling policy

Chair Massage

For corporate wellness

Chair massage is delivered in a specially designed chair where the recipient is clothedTypically performed in a group setting, it is best where table massage is not practical.  The acupressure-based techniques are an excellent way to improve well-being and reduce stress.

Neuromuscular Therapy, ST. John Method.

Paul St. John developed this system after studying  chiropractor Raymond Nimmo's receptor tonus technique.  Also known as the American method, NMT normalizes the muscular and nervous systems by detecting and eliminating painful trigger points which generate reflex areas of excess muscle tone and pain.  Lifestyle, posture, and overuse or lack of use can all contribute to pain syndromes.

Deep Tissue Massage

This term, often misunderstood, describes massage that is more specific in depth and pressure than a general relaxation massage.  It is not necessarily a harder or more painful massage session.  Deep tissue massage is being able to work through layers of soft tissue to reach the working depth of pressure on the involved areas.  These techniques can address chronic tension and holding patterns.  There is more emphasis on lengthening and working with restricted areas than on relaxation as the primary goal.  Significant anatomical knowledge and palpatory skills are required. 

Pain Science

I have been studying pain science for the last four years. It is amazing to learn about the BioPyschoSocial Model of Pain.  I have attended the Stanford University Neuroscience Lecture on non surgical options for low back pain. I recently returned from the San Diego Pain Summit, a conference for manual therapists.  If you have been living with pain for any length of time, I may be able to  help you gain more freedom and move easier.

Jody C. Hutchinson, CMT, BCTMB, Orthopedic and Sports Massage Therapist

Integrative clinical maSSAGE


I  have begun to study the nervous system and a new approach to manual therapy.  DNM involves gently stretching the skin over many nerves underneath.